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Investment Philosophy

Africa is the world’s fastest growing market - yet founders still lack access to early-stage capital.

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Africa faces some of the world’s most challenging problems. These challenges are Africa's opportunities. We believe entrepreneurship and market-creating innovation are some of the biggest drivers of global economic growth. It drives job creations and better quality of life.

Ajim Capital is an early-stage fund and angel community that provides startups in Africa with financing from Pre-seed to Seed with typical check sizes of $100K to $250K. We support founders from the earliest days with hands-on strategic advice and access to our global network of investors and experts.

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Why Invest in Africa?

Africa’s mix of economic growth, population growth, tech adoption, and digitalization is unmatched by other markets.

Sustained Economic Growth

Africa is a greenfield market with most countries expecting 3% - 6% projected annual growth over the next decade.

A Young and Growing Population

75% of Africa’s 1.3 billion population are under 35. The continent’s population will double in the next 3 decades.

Ongoing Tech Adoption

There are more than 500 million internet users in Africa, a number that will double this decade. While Africa is only 35% - 55% Internet penetrated, 93% of Africans are already mobile users.

Rapid Digitalization

Africa is a greenfield market with most countries expecting 3% - 6% projected annual growth over the next decade.

About Us

The right kind of innovation not only builds companies - but also builds countries

Eunice Ajim funding africa

Our leadership team of acclaimed young innovators has a demonstrated record of building and investing in successful startups in the most highly-competitive markets and industries.

This experience – and our vast network of relationships within the African startup ecosystem – ideally positions Ajim Capital to secure the most attractive deals in the world’s fastest-growing and least penetrated investment market: Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Eunice Ajim

Founding Partner

Eunice Ajim funding africa

The Ajim Way

We support our founders by equipping, educating, and empowering them


As successful founders and operators ourselves, we work alongside you to hustle, grind, and create opportunities and growth for your startup.


We educate our founders through our blogs, resources, podcasts, events, workshops, and strategic partners.


We have grown an extensive network of African founders, investors, and experts in the diaspora and on the continent to mentor our founders on their journey.

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