We are Africans, Entrepreneurs, and Investors.

In other words, weʼve been there. Our combined expertise and experience make us understand the opportunities in the space and empathize with entrepreneurial challenges.

Meet the Team

Our team comprises Africans, entrepreneurs, advisors, operators, and dream builders. We work alongside our portfolio founders to hustle, grind, and create opportunities and growth for the African community.

Eunice Ajim

Founding Partner

Blessing Iyamadiken

Head of Marketing/Platform

Calvin Rupango


Our Advisors Network

Charles Hudson

Managing Partner at Precursor Ventures

Janine Sickmeyer

General Partner at Overlooked Ventures

Kunle Apampa

Director at Capricorn Investment Group

Anna Nitschke

CFO at Pear VC

Jack Knellinger

Partner and Cofounder at Capria VC