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Ajim Capital is a $10M VC fund focused exclusively on backing the best African-focused tech companies at the pre-seed and seed stages.

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Investing in Africa’s top Founders

Ajim Capital’s mission is to support the brightest African founders in launching and scaling their startups, creating the next generation of successful companies that compete on a global scale while massively changing the lives of Africans.

Although there has been significant growth in the African startup ecosystem, funding opportunities remain limited. We launched the fund to support early-stage B2B/B2B2C software companies operating in billion-dollar markets with the potential to become unicorns.

Join us in funding these promising startups and be part of the change you want to see. We seek investors who share our vision and are eager to work with us to support exceptional African ideas and talents.

Fund Terms

Fund Size


Fund Life

10 Years

Investment Period

3 Years

Companies Targeted

50 - 60

Minimum Commitment


Management Fee


Carry Fee


"Eunice and the Ajim capital team were adamant to understand the solution we are providing to a problem they are very well aware of. Once we crossed that bridge, they have been very helpful, especially generous with their network and creating opportunities for us that have been impactful."


(Co founder at Spleet)

Throughout our interactions with Ajim Capital, from the first call with the team to the calls we had with Eunice Ajim herself, we saw an investor with the right experience, network, and cash that will help us win as we journey towards dominating Africa. Exciting times ahead!


(Co-founder of TruQ)

I have always wanted an investor with a clear understanding of the problem we are solving at Raenest. I was eager to have Ajim on our cap table after the first call with Eunice because of her understanding and passion to see the product succeed. The entire process was seamless.


(Co-founder of Raenest)


“Our leadership team of acclaimed young innovators has a demonstrated record of building and investing in successful startups in the most highly-competitive markets and industries.”

David Anierobi
CEO, Davemarz

Portfolio Companies

I've invested in over 20 early-stage companies between my angel investments and fund deployment, ranging from fintech to proptech to healthcare, marketplaces, logistics, and mobility.

While early and mostly unrealized, many portfolio companies are doing well. A lot of them have over 10X multiples.


Ajim Capital only invests in proven business models.

Our investment process is guided by our in-house, proprietary database that includes over 300 business models that delivered over $388B in value in China, India, and Latam with the highest probability of success in the African market.

We find and invest in the best companies in Sub-Saharan Africa, building these businesses. Fund I is a $10M pre-seed & seed-stage fund investing in 50-60 tech startups with check sizes up to $250K.


Why Invest with Us

Africa faces some of the world’s most challenging problems. These challenges are Africa's opportunities. We believe entrepreneurship and market-creating innovation are the biggest drivers of global economic growth.

Meet the Team

Our team comprises Africans, entrepreneurs, advisors, operators, and dream builders.

Eunice Ajim

Founding Partner

Blessing Iyamadiken

Head of Marketing/Platform

Calvin Rupango


Our LPs

Ajim Capital is backed by sophisticated investorsThis Public Raise is an opportunity for us to bring along more operators and founders that share our passion for backing the next generation of African founders. Our LPs:

  • Were once founders and operators themselves.
  • Are excited to co-invest alongside us or in later-stage funding rounds.
  • Ready to get their hands dirty and help our founders succeed.
Ben Ehrlich
Momentum Capital
Ben Ehrlich
Momentum Capital
Ben Ehrlich
Momentum Capital
Ben Ehrlich
Momentum Capital
Ben Ehrlich
Momentum Capital
Ben Ehrlich
Momentum Capital
Ben Ehrlich
Momentum Capital
Ben Ehrlich
Momentum Capital
Ben Ehrlich
Momentum Capital
Ben Ehrlich
Momentum Capital
Ben Ehrlich
Momentum Capital
Ben Ehrlich
Momentum Capital
Ben Ehrlich
Momentum Capital
Ben Ehrlich
Momentum Capital

Investors Perk

Invest in Africa’s top founders.

As a fund, we’re lucky to meet incredible African startup companies at their earliest stage. We launched the fund to share these opportunities with you while building a vibrant community.

Diversify your portfolio

Diversify your portfolio by investing in Africa and emerging markets. The fund provides opportunities for investors to learn about Africa by traveling to various African countries with the Partners.

Generate competitive returns

Become part of Africa’s growth story. The fund exposes you to early-stage companies across Africa with a potential 10X return as they scale and solve some of Africa’s most challenging problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you able to raise the fund publicly?

Ajim Capital is registered as a 506(c). This requires LPs to provide proof of accreditation but enables us to publicly discuss our raise while complying with SEC regulations.

Why are you raising the fund publicly?

Our goal is to increase the accessibility of Ajim Capital to individuals who may have limited networks or are not directly connected to our community, even if they have not previously invested in a fund. This is in response to the lack of transparency within the venture capital industry, where personal connections are often necessary to become a limited partner.

How much are you raising?

Ajim Capital fund I is a $10M fund, although this may fluctuate slightly based on demand.

How much can I invest?

Our minimum investment amount is between $100K for individuals and $500K for institutions.

What are the fees associated with the fund?

The fund is a standard 10-year fund with a 2% management fee and a 20% carried interest fee.

Do I have to be accredited?

Yes. This is an SEC requirement. Individuals may qualify as accredited investors based on wealth and income thresholds and other measures of financial sophistication—more details about accreditation on the SEC website.

Do you guarantee up to a 10x return?

No! All LPs must understand the risks of venture investing and that past performance does not guarantee future results.

What are the costs?

Ongoing charges include administrative fees to AngelList Advisors (1% per year for up to 10 years, capped at $25k per year) and management fees to Ajim Capital Management, LLC (4% for first 2 years, 3% for years 3 & 4, 1% for years 5 - 10). Investors only pay carry if the fund is profitable.

How are you selecting LPs?

We have a limited number of LP spots. We're seeking people excited to co-invest alongside us or in later-stage funding rounds and are ready to get their hands dirty and help our founders succeed.

The fine print:

Investing in venture capital funds is inherently risky and illiquid. It involves high risk and is suitable only for sophisticated and qualified investors. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Information on this page is qualified in its entirety by the Limited Partnership Agreement, Private Placement Memorandum, and Subscription Agreement, which should be reviewed carefully before making an investment decision. Before making an investment, review these documents for full details regarding risks, minimum investment, fees, and expenses, which will be provided to those invited to invest. The fund uses AngelList Venture (“AngelList”) to provide many back-office services.Returns are partially unrealized. Valuations are calculated as of June 20, 2022, and have not been audited. Underlying IRR calculation uses the actual dates when investments were made and may include uninvested cash. It measures the asset-level returns of each fund's investments, calculated net of fees, and carried interest charged by the AngelList platform or the fund manager. The timing and magnitude of fund cash flows are integral to IRR performance calculations, and a small number of investments have a material impact on IRRs. IRR calculations are also significantly impacted by valuations and discount rate assumptions, which are inherently discretionary.Limited Partners included above are chosen based on their notability and the total amount invested in the fund (and predecessor funds, as the case may be). Their inclusion above does not represent an endorsement of AngelList's advice, analysis, or other service rendered to its clients.