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Finding the best win-win opportunity.

Our Investment Pillars

Our investment pillars consist of what
we like to call the 5 T’s.


Solid founders who are committed to the startup and each other. They have the background, experience, specialization, skills, and desire to execute their vision


It’s not enough to have a great team. They need the temperament to attract, hire, train and retain great people.


How large is the market they’re serving and is the timing right? Do they have the right team with the temperament to capitalize on this market opportunity?


Regardless of what the product/service is, is it a good offering that solves an urgent market problem (people have it now), pervasive (lots of people have it), and valuable (they will pay to solve it)?


They need to show initial indications of product-market fit that generates at least $5k - $100k/MRR at a 10% MoM.

Other Criteria


We invest in asset-light B2B/B2B2C tech and tech-enabled software companies across 8 verticals FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech, Logistics, Mobility, Marketplaces, B2B SaaS, and AgriTech.


Sub-Saharan Africa.


Pre-seed and Seed

Our Screening Process

We treat all applications, whether submitted through a cold pitch or a warm introduction, with the same level of consideration. Our process for evaluating them includes:

Website Submission

The startup review process begins with founders submitting their pitch deck through our website. Founders can provide as much or as little information as they choose.

First Review

Our Associate then reviews the submissions as they come in, moving the startup to the next stage if it aligns with our thesis

First Meeting

In the first meeting, we evaluate the team, temperament, timing, technology, and traction, determining whether to reject, put on hold, or proceed to the next stage.

Second Meeting

The second meeting involves a GP review of product-market fit, resilience, market opportunity, and the potential value we can provide.

Final Review

The final review is to do our research and due diligence, then return to the team if we have further questions or concerns.


A decision is made on whether to invest or not.

"Eunice and the Ajim capital team were adamant to understand the solution we are providing to a problem they are very well aware of. Once we crossed that bridge, they have been very helpful, especially generous with their network and creating opportunities for us that have been impactful."


(Co founder at Spleet)

Throughout our interactions with Ajim Capital, from the first call with the team to the calls we had with Eunice Ajim herself, we saw an investor with the right experience, network, and cash that will help us win as we journey towards dominating Africa. Exciting times ahead!


(Co-founder of TruQ)

I have always wanted an investor with a clear understanding of the problem we are solving at Raenest. I was eager to have Ajim on our cap table after the first call with Eunice because of her understanding and passion to see the product succeed. The entire process was seamless.


(Co-founder of Raenest)

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