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The Best Countries To Invest in Africa

As the world continues to recover from the current economic downturn, many investors are looking for new opportunities to diversify their portfolios and secure profitable returns. One region that has been gaining increasing attention is Africa which is Ajim Capital's investment focus when it comes to investing in startups. In 2023, African startups secured $3.191 billion in funding. Africa is poised to become one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world, but what countries in Africa present such promising opportunities?

South Africa

Topping our list is South Africa, one of the most developed economies on the continent. With its stable political system and well-established infrastructure, South Africa has long been a favourite among foreign investors. The country boasts a diverse range of sectors, from mining and agriculture to technology and finance. It also serves as a gateway to the rest of the continent, making it an ideal base for companies looking to expand into other African markets. The infrastructure in South Africa also serves as a bedrock upon which some of it's startups are built.


Another top destination for investors in Africa is Nigeria, the continent's largest economy. Despite some of its struggles, Nigeria has a thriving private sector and a growing consumer market. Additionally, the Nigerian government has implemented startup reforms to improve the startup ecosystem climate and attract foreign investment, making it an increasingly favourable destination for tech investors. In recent years, Nigeria has seen some of the biggest investments into it's startup ecosystem with $398.2 million raised by startups in 2023, multiple exits and an astronomical increase in innovation hubs powering the rise of startups in the country.


Next on our list is Kenya which also has a thriving tech industry, with startups raising up to $756.2 million in 2023. The country has made great strides in recent years, with a stable economy and impressive growth rates. It also has a large consumer market and is known as the financial hub of East Africa. With government initiatives to attract foreign investment and a highly skilled workforce, Kenya offers plenty of opportunities for those looking to invest especially in technology.


Another country on the rise in terms of investment potential is Ghana. Ghana has a very stable political environment, and is usually the next port of call when startups want to expand out of Nigeria. This is because of the similarities in culture and the huge cultural exchange between the two countries. Ghana has also seen significant raises in the past years, closely trailing Nigeria.


Rwanda may not be the first country that comes to mind when considering investment opportunities in Africa, but it is also one of the fastest-growing economies on the continent. The government has focused on diversifying its economy and investing in key sectors such as tourism and agriculture. Its strategic location in East Africa also makes it an ideal base for businesses looking to access multiple markets.

The countries mentioned above are just a few examples of the promising markets that can be found on the continent. As with any investment, it is important to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before making any decisions.

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