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Why We Invested in Daba Finance

Founded in 2021, Daba Finance is building a super app that will enable investors across the globe to access investment information and grow their wealth by investing in the top private and public market opportunities in Africa that have been vetted by the company’s in-house investment team. In addition, startup founders in their early or growth stage who are seeking funding, can raise capital by connecting with potential investors or through crowdfunding all taking place in one platform.

There’s been a  growing interest in Africa among foreign investors. The reason is not far-fetched. The continent boasts some of the world's most rapidly expanding economies, and African stock exchanges have recently outperformed those in other parts of the world, indicating a potential for higher returns. 

Daba aims to become the go-to source for investors looking to gain insight and access to Africa's investment opportunities. This includes providing in-depth research on various sectors and markets within the continent to help investors identify the best opportunities for diversifying their portfolios and make informed decisions about where to allocate their capital. With a range of services and a focus on providing high-quality research and analysis, Daba aims to help investors navigate the African investment landscape.

Unique Value Proposition

Investing in companies can be tasking, as it requires a deep understanding of the market, economic conditions, and industry challenges in the country of investment. Daba understands the importance of education in this process, and provides access to daily news and analysis about the African market to help investors make informed decisions. Daba's financial expertise helps ensure that investors have access to consistent and trustworthy deal flow.

Business Traction

Since its establishment in 2021, Daba has seen significant growth, with $5 million in assets under management and a waitlist of over 4,000 investors. The company has also secured partnerships with two top-tier banks and brokers, providing access to 9 African capital markets.

Daba also participated in Spleets $2.6Million seed funding round. It is currently in its private beta testing stage with intentions of launching in Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, Ghana with a view to soon expand to Cote d’ivoire and Senegal 

More opportunities for expansion

Daba sees the potential for building a financial infrastructure that allows investors to easily invest in promising opportunities in emerging markets in other continents, beyond just Africa.

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